How to tune walsh smallpipes

Simon Hope www. Very reasonably priced and a nice man to do business with. However, I have seen other pipes by other makers which are also very nice - Nate Banton is one US maker that springs to mind.

If you can get to some meeting of smallpipers then do so and ask to see and hear or maybe even try out some other sets. You should probably join the LBPS anyway. Sorry, I should say that my answer presumes that you mean Scottish smallpipes, not Northumbrian - if the latter then there is a fairly strong society dedicated to the instrument and a bit of googling should find it.

It depends. Do you want mouth blown or bellows? Mouth blown will give you no end of trouble as the reeds are very sensitive. It also depends on whether or no t you already play pipes. If you do there are three main choices and none of them are cheap. There is often a volume problem if you want to use them in sessions. Kinnear pipes are usually the loudest and are top quality. Nigel Richard makes great pipes with good volume and he also makes probably the best border pipes.

Samples here. The are not quite as loud as the others but the tone is fantastic and the tuning is great. Obviously allow for the compressed sound on the clips.

They can be had either mouthblown or bellows blown. The finger reach on most A SSPs is a bit on the wide side a slightly wider reach than Highland pipeswhile D SSP chanters are rather small and some people have a difficult time getting their fingers on the holes. Bb and C chanters are in the middle and many people find them the easiest to finger.

Hi all. I am in the same boat. I play highland pipes and wish to purchase scottish smallpipes to play with a group of irish traditional musicians.

They include fiddle player, banjo and tin whistle player. I would prefer mouth blown as I am used to the other pipes. My dilema is what key…A or D. Any advice greatly appreciated. I know the mouth blown are high maintenance but surely it can be done??

how to tune walsh smallpipes

Thanks in advance for any info. Definately A Sull. Even though D seems sensible as whistle flute and UPs are D, there is only one octave and there are only a very few number of irish one octave tunes in D.Advanced Search. X Marks the Scot - An on-line community of kilt wearers.

Results 1 to 5 of 5. Thread: How to start learning the Scottish Small Pipes. How to start learning the Scottish Small Pipes Hi, all! I would like to learn to play the Scottish small pipes. Should I start out by getting a highland pipes practice chanter or is there some other kind of chanter that I should get instead?

I have been trying to research this online but as a complete newbie I am finding it hard to understand where to start.

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Thanks for your help! Hi, A highland pipes practise chanter will serve you perfectly well. The chanter on the SSP differs very little from a practise chanter. Both are straight bore and have very similar finger spacings. Bellows SSP are in my opinion by far the best. Probably the simplest way of practising the bellows is just to wait until you purchase your actual SSP and practise blowing a steady low 'A' over and over, resisting the temptation to burst into a tune.

Do this lots, for a looooong time. Jones in Texas. The fingering of the Scottish smallpipes is identical to that of the Great Highland Pipes, so a regular practice chanter is the appropriate practice instrument.

You can find lots more info and ask all your questions about the Scottish smallpipes on the Bob Dunsire forums. There is a forum specifically for Uilleann, Northumbrian and Smallpipes. Yes what they said! Both are far more forgiving of 'false fingerings' than the GHB chanter.

Everything sounds cleaner. You can pretty much finger notes any way you want and they sound the same. It's the GHB chanter's very instability that allows certain extra notes to be played such as C natural, F natural, and high G sharp.

An SSP chanter is so stable that opening and closing holes beneath the one producing the note cause little change. If you spend some years playing SSP exclusively you will probably find if you take up the GHB that numerous 'wooly' bits will be present in your fingering that will take quite a bit of practice to get rid of.Background: John Walsh has achieved world-wide fame for his outstanding smallpipes.

Perhaps best-known for his Shuttle Pipes, he continues to develop and produce bagpipes that combine the best in traditional design, high-tech innovation and above all, wonderful musicality. These beautiful and popular pipes have three drones - a bass, a baritone and a tenor - mounted in a common stock.

They are equipped with synthetic reeds, and the drone reeds are unique in that everything but the tongues are an integral part of the pipe. These pipes are machined out of the same high-tech structural synthetic, Delrin Polypenco that is used by many makers of fine woodwind instruments, including J.

Dunbar Ltd. But those whose musical interests extend further, or whose primary focus is on, say, Irish music use the "D" smallpipe. Thus it is possible and practical to play them together with other instruments. Overall tonality remains the same as the GHB, of course - that is, the intervals of the scale are proportionally the same as those of its large brother.

We also stock the outstanding full-size and child's Walsh practice chanters. Please enquire for further details. Note: The Convertible Smallpipe is also available as a bellows-blown bagpipe.

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Please enquire for details. Pacific Coast time GMT minus 7- 8 hoursseven days per week. We suggest you do so if you have any questions and especially if you have any doubt about the suitability for you of your intended purchase.

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how to tune walsh smallpipes

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Prices: The prices on this site are in U. We never issue surprises in this regard. There is no fine print about fluctuating currency exchange rates or such. Not here. We can offer modest discounts on quantity purchases of some items - feel free to inquire.The Combination drone works as a D bass drone and as an A baritone drone. The Walsh Drone Adaptor enables easy access to the drone reeds.

The D Chanter is similar in size to the child's practice chanter 5. There is a compact water trap in the blowpipe stock and the bag is Synthetic. Each set is Setup and tuned by John before it leaves our workshop. Ready to Play. The balance is due when the pipes are complete and ready for shipment. Login Forgot Password? Balance is due when the pipes are completed and ready for shipment.

Our price. Bagpipe Cover.

how to tune walsh smallpipes

Please Select Blue Green Black. Eco-Friendly Hardwood Upgrade. Add Soft Sided Black Case. Please Select Soft Case Bellows Upgrades. Eco-Friendly Hardwood Chanters Upgrade. Thistle or Celtic Nickel Ferrule Upgrade. Walsh Adjustable Blowpipe. Add to Cart. Previous product. Share this Product. Product Description. Send Send to Friend. Add a personal message. Back to Top. Small Pipes Chanter Reed.

A Small Pipe. Replacement bag for Small Pipes and Shuttle Pipes. Retro Small Pipes. Recently Viewed. Contact Us.

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Send to Friend.The physical size of the chanter reflects the Key to which it is tuned. The A Chanter is the largest followed by the B flat and the D chanter is the shortest and is similar in size to the Child's practice chanter.

The drone reeds are synthetic and built in to the bottom of each drone on the plastic pipes. Each set is meticulously tuned and balanced by John before it leaves our workshop.

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Remaining balance will be applied when the small pipes are completed and ready for shipment. Remaining balance will be applied when the combination set is completed and ready for shipment.

Wait time is approximately weeks. Remaining charges will be applied when the set is complete and ready for shipment. Wait time is approximately 12 - 16 weeks. Convert your JWB small pipes or Shuttle pipes from mouth blown to bellows blown. The Walsh Bellows adaptor fits in the blowpipe stock and the tube runs from it to the Walsh Bellows.

Remaining charges will be applied when item is shipped. Remaining charges will be applied when the set is completed and ready for shipment. Login Forgot Password? Adjustable Blowpipe for Small Pipes or Shuttle Pipes Adjustable blowpipe for the small pipes and shuttle pipes allows for easy adjustments in length.

Replacement bag for Small Pipes and Shuttle Pipes Replacement bag for small pipes and shuttle pipes complete with string for tieing in the bag. Small Pipes Chanter Reed. A Small Pipe.

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Replacement bag for Small Pipes and Shuttle Pipes. Retro Small Pipes. Contact Us. Adjustable blowpipe for the small pipes and shuttle pipes allows for easy adjustments in length.

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Replacement bag for small pipes and shuttle pipes complete with string for tieing in the bag. A, Bflat, and D consists of bass, baritone and tenor tongue.The many early examples that have survived are delicate and restrained in appearance. I have taken my inspiration from them, particularly from sets that I have examined and measured in the collections of The Royal Museum of Scotland. These early sets are in higher pitches, but I have developed my pipes in a range of modern pitches while retaining the feeling of the original instruments.

The design of the chanters, drones and reeds produce a warm rich tone and the result is a beautiful-looking, sweet-sounding parlour pipe. The chanter has a slightly tapered bore which helps to broaden and amplify the lower notes. This is a unique feature of my smallpipes.

The three drones share a common stock. This provides another drone combination to suit different keys or modes. The Highland configuration of one bass and two identical tenors is also available. The chanter and drones use plastic reeds. Not only are these very stable but they combine perfectly with the woods I use to give a great tone. The chanter reeds have been designed in combination with the chanters to produce the optimum quality of tone. My personal preference is for using covered fingering on the chanter, but I can provide chanters tuned for Highland fingering or open fingering.

Your choice of fingering system will ultimately depend on your chosen playing style. Although I usually make the pipes of British yew or plum for its richness of tone, other woods are also available. The chanter and drones usually have boxwood ends and the drones each have delicate boxwood plugs. The drone and stock ferrules are brass. Horn ends and ferrules can be fitted as extras if required. The bag is hand-sewn leather, with the traditional green baize woollen cover.

I have put a great deal of care and attention into the design and construction of the bellows, based on many of the better Scottish bellows I have measured in the collections. The boards have a solid- drawn hinge, which gives a much more positive action than the simpler and more commonly employed system of using leather as a hinge.

For more information, visit my bellows page. The two most popular keys for chanters are A and D. The combination pipes are a practical and economic way of having both.I am getting my first ever Scottish Small pipes in three days! The set is a Shepherd Blackwood. Tuning is "D". Question: where can I find a tutorial as to properly tune the drones? I am thinking maybe somewhere in you tube?

Can they be tuned to themselves? I dont have a tuner Thanks for any suggestions. To be honeststart without the drones. After you can play simple things on the goose then bring in 1 drone. I bet there are loads of other free on-line tuners that will give you a steady D. These clip on tuners are great—they react to the micro vibrations of the instrument.

You just slide the upper drone joint up or down, little by little, until the tuner reads "D" for the longest and shortest drones, and "A" for the middle length one. You tune the drones to the chanter. While maintaining constant pressure, play high D on the chanter — the drone should still be in tune. Getting the two notes of the chanter to coincide involves pushing the reed further into the chanter or drawing it out a little, depending on whether the higher note is flatter or sharper respectively.

A tiny movement of the reed makes a huge difference, so take it easy if you need to adjust it. Once you have one drone in tune, it is a matter of tuning another drone to that one and the chanter if you like — some people stop the chanter by squeezing the neck.

If you have a harmony drone on your set, it will be tuned to A on the chanter, and should harmonize nicely with the D drones, and, if the chanter is set up properly, every other note as well.

There is quite a bit of information about the pipes on Youtube; but not much about tuning the drones, probably because it becomes almost second nature after a while.

Just listen for the beats, and adjust the slides up or down until the beats slow down and disappear.

how to tune walsh smallpipes

I am having a bit of fun with the small pipes Key of Dthough I am sure that they are not correctly tuned.


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